Delivery & Returns Policy

Clause 1: Introduction

  1. This Delivery Policy (“Delivery Policy”) is only valid for products purchased from
  2. This Delivery Policy has been developed to ensure the accurate and secure delivery of all purchases according to the customer’s delivery needs.
  3. This Delivery Policy forms part of the agreement between and its customers. This Delivery Policy should be read together with the website Terms and Conditions (if applicable).

Clause 2: Delivery Procedure

  1. Once an order has been received and confirmed, no changes to the specified address and/or delivery option will be accepted, unless specifically acknowledged as being accepted by us.
  2. After payment has been made, the customer will receive a tracking code, which they can use to track the delivery.
  3. Orders will be delivered between 08;00 to 16 30 on weekdays.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the the customer to ensure that someone is available to receive the order once it has reached the delivery address.
  5. If no one is present at the address when the delivery is attempted, the products will be retained and a new arrangement, at an additional cost, may be made to deliver the order.
  6. The person receiving the order is required to sign a delivery note as proof that the order has been delivered.
  7. Before signing the delivery note, the person receiving is required to check the contents of the order received against the delivery note to ensure that the products are not damaged or missing any products.
  8. Once the person has signed and agreed that the order is correct, undamaged and in good condition, the customer will not have a claim for any incomplete/ missing orders.

Clause 3: Delivery Areas

  1. We deliver within South Africa.
  2. Customers are required to provide their physical address for delivery and contact details before completing their purchase. Products will be delivered to the physical address specified by the customer.

Clause 4: Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are calculated on checkout, according to the size of the basket and the location of the delivery address.

Clause 5: Delivery Methods

Orders will be delivered using a courier(s) of our choice.

Clause 6: Delivery Time Frame

  1. Without considering or being affected by external factors, local orders within South Africa will be delivered to the customer within 1 to 7 working days after the order has been received and confirmed.
  2. An express delivery service is available for customers who would like to receive their orders faster than the time frame mentioned in clause 6.1.
  3. The customer will be charged an additional fee for the express delivery service.

Clause 7: Collection

  1. In certain instances we permit collection of orders from customers, and in such instances no delivery fee will apply.
  2. Should a customer wish to do this, they are required to specify that during the checkout process.

Clause 8: Disclaimer

  1. We shall take all reasonable efforts to accurately reflect the products, purchase price and delivery charges of products on the website. However, should there be any errors of whatsoever nature on the website (which are not due to our fault), we shall not be liable to make good on a transaction based on any error, apart from refunding any monies paid by the customer to the us.
  2. We will not be liable if delivery does not occur within the time frame mentioned in this Delivery Policy and cannot be liable for any loss occasioned by the delay in delivery.


Clause 1: Circumstances in which Returns and/or Exchanges are allowed

We permit returns and/or exchanges in the following instances:

  1. The incorrect product has been delivered to you.
  2. The product has the incorrect size or specifications.

Clause 2: When a Return and/or Exchange needs to be initiated

Returns and/or exchanges need to be initiated within five days of delivery of the product having been delivered to you.

Clause 3: The choices you have upon Returning the Product

When a product is returned to us you can:

  1. Have your account credited.
  2. Have the product replaced/exchanged.

Clause 4: How a Return and/or Exchange is initiated

All returns and/or exchanges shall be initiated by means of an email sent to setting out:

  1. the reason for the return.
  2. whether you would like the account credited or replaced/exchanged.

Clause 5: Condition of the Product Returned

In returning the product to us, the following shall apply. The product needs to be:

  1. Undamaged.
  2. Unused.
  3. In the original packaging.
  4. Packaged and wrapped correctly and safely by you.

Clause 6: Manner of Return

We will require you to return the product to our offices at the following address: 40 Mazeppa & Gull Street Point Durban Ozz Cash & Carry

Clause 7: What will happen once a Product is returned

Once returned, and subject to a product inspection, your account with us will be credited or replaced, as per your preference.

Clause 8: Product Inspection

  1. Once returned, and prior to accepting such return, we will be permitted to inspect the product.
  2. Should the product in our reasonable discretion not be suited to be returned, we shall not be obliged to accept such return.

Clause 9: Excluded Products

The following product(s) shall be excluded entirely from the above returned policy:

  1. electrical appliances electronic items cookingware
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